World RX of Latvia

Dates: Sep 3, 2022 - Sep 4, 2022
Location: Biķernieki
Based: Riga, Latvia
Length: 1.295 km
Surface: 60% Asphalt 40% Gravel

Latvia has been on the World RX calendar since 2016 and has become one of the most popular events of the year. It is the first of five consecutive doubleheader rounds during the 2022 season.

The tree-lined Biķernieki track is just a stone’s throw from capital city Riga and is the highest grip circuit on the calendar, with racetrack asphalt, compact gravel and the longest lap distance of the World RX calendar combining to make tire wear a challenge for rallycross’ elite drivers. 

It’s also where World Rally Championship great Sebastien Loeb won his first World RX event, back in 2016.