Meet the DirtFish Team: Adam Papp

Adam is in the business of selling, but there is far more to the role than simple sales

It’s one thing to create a product, but another to sell it. Thankfully, there is no fear with sales director, Adam Papp at the helm of the sales department.

He makes sure all of the Rally School courses are booked and gets involved with marketing aspects to ensure DirtFish is front and center of the rally and off-road world.

But sales isn’t the only thing that gets Adam out of the bed in the morning. He’s also a huge foodie and loves his dogs, having even been involved in animal rescue in the past.

“Adam gets things done,” says DirtFish head of strategy Josie Rimmer.

“Whether it’s promoting our latest courses, taking care of a corporate group, or decorating the office for his favorite holiday (Halloween), he ensures it’s done quickly and done well.

“He and Gunner are staples around the office, and we love seeing them bounding around!”

Words:DirtFish Media