Meet the DirtFish Team: Jan Pasia

DirtFish Rally School's vehicle operations manager loves more than just the cars in his job

There’s a lot of cars at DirtFish Rally School, and it’s not just the ones you get to drive. There’s a fleet of vehicles that keep the site running, and there’s a team that looks after all of them.

Jan Pasia is DirtFish’s vehicle operations manager and his main responsibility is to make sure that all of his colleagues have what they need to maintain the school cars, while also taking care of the ancillary vehicles on site. That’s the buses, the service trucks, the quad bikes, all of them!

In the latest DirtFish Meet the Team video, Pasia explains that working with rally cars every day is the second best part of the job, because the “best part of working here is my group of guys; my team is really good at what they do, and everybody gets on very well together”.

He also talks about what he does away from work, which includes applying his mechanical skills to create a fully kitted 2005 Subaru STI that he can take autocrossing, and looking after his adorable dog.

Get a peak of both in the video, which you can watch by clicking above.