Meet the DirtFish Team: Kurt Holmes

Our resident number cruncher is learning to push his limits behind the wheel

There’s almost always a sheepdog-border collie cross wandering the halls of DirtFish, named after one of Seattle’s legendary sports stars.

Griffey might get lots of attention but his owner, Kurt Holmes, is the one making sure DirtFish’s finances are running smoothly as Accounting Manager.

Like every DirtFish employee, you’ll catch him at the wheel out on course when practice day rolls around – he’s been swapping his office seat for the driver’s seat more and more lately!

“Kurt is our number cruncher,” says Josie Rimmer, DirtFish’s head of strategy. “As a new addition to the team, Kurt has been thrown into the mix at full force and we’ve begun the process of inundating him into the world of rally…

“It’s safe to say that after taking his first half day class last weekend, he’s hooked!”