Meet the DirtFish Team: Sami Dallas

Running DirtFish Rally School operations is a huge undertaking, so it helps to have a rally fan at the helm

What makes DirtFish so special? Every member of the team is a gearhead. That’s especially valuable when you need someone to oversee operations for an entire rally school – so who better than a huge World Rally Championship fanatic who drives a classic Subaru?

Sami Dallas makes sure DirtFish’s entire rally school operation hums along seamlessly by knowing the business inside and out, combining her exacting approach to management with a passion for rallying that goes all the way back to her childhood.

“Sami is a force of nature,” says Josie Rimmer, DirtFish head of strategy. “As program operations manager, she supports every single team and all of its members, ensuring that we operate as seamlessly as possible.

“She manages to spread laughs throughout the property while remaining one of the most productive people I’ve met. We love Sami as much as she loves unicorns and Mini Coopers, and are so beyond grateful to have her on our team.”