Subaru STI Type RA Time Attack Car & the Transfăgărășan Highway

In 2016, Subaru teamed up with world-renown motorsports team, Prodrive to construct the ultimate WRX STI with the goal of setting a new record around the grueling Isle of Man TT course. With British Rally Champion, Mark Higgins behind the wheel, they destroyed their previous record by nearly two minutes. Since then, Subaru has taken the car to the Nurburgring where they set the record for the fastest lap set by a sedan. More recently, Higgins was back in the driver’s seat to establish the first record on an insane road in Romania- the Transfăgărășan Highway. While there has never been a record set on the road, Subaru sends out the challenge to other manufacturers at the end of the video by stating, “The record has been set. The gauntlet thrown down. Any takers?” We hope to see a few companies take them up on it!