DirtFish and FIA join forces to deliver Rally Star to North America

DirtFish and the FIA will work together to find the next rally star

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World motorsport’s governing body the FIA has handed aspiring American and Canadian rally drivers the opportunity of a lifetime in the shape of a shot at a World Rally Championship career.

Drivers aged between 17 and 26 from the United States of America and Canada are eligible for the FIA’s ground-breaking Rally Star scheme.

FIA Rally Star success would mean a three-year journey through a 2023 training season followed by the potential for two years in the Junior WRC and a full WRC2 assault. FIA Rally Star represents the most comprehensive prize package for drivers from around the world in the history of the sport.

The competition opens with four #RallyAtHome Digital Challenges (August 27-September 4; September 10-18; September 24 – October 2 and October 8-16). Entry details can be found here.


These four challenges use the WRC 9 game, with a previously unseen stage delivered as downloadable content. Competitors can drive the stage 100 times before five timed runs – the fastest of which counts as their entry to the competition.

There’s no restriction on the number of #RallyAtHome Challenges a competitor can enter. And entry to the four events can be made on a preferred platform: PC; PS4, PS5; Xbox One, XBox X/S.

DirtFish will be running its own Digital Challenge on the simulator rig – complete with official FIA Rally Star partner Thrustmaster hardware – at the Rally School in Snoqualmie. This competition is guided by the FIA’s Digital Challenge regulations and will offer each competitor the opportunity to drive the stage as many times as possible in an 18-minute slot.

Winners of the FIA Rally Star Digital Challenges, along with potential wild card entries, will progress further in the competition with the goal of reaching the All-American FIA Rally Star Finals in Peru in December.

Success at that event ensures you a seat in the seven-strong FIA Rally Star team for 2023, where you will compete in six training rallies in a Ford Fiesta Rally3. Then it’s time for Junior WRC competition, with the top three drivers from 2024 going forward to a repeat program in 2025. Lift the Junior title that season and you land a WRC2 title tilt in a Rally2 car for 2026.

Open to everybody between the ages of 17 and 26, an additional place will be open for women drivers to encourage greater female participation.


Put simply, this is the biggest opportunity for rising and aspiring American and Canadian rally talents. Ever.

FIA category manager Jérôme Roussel said: “We created FIA Rally Star with the ambition to give a chance to all young people dreaming of becoming a rally driver.

“Our sport has an increasing audience in North America, as highlighted by the rise of American Rally Association presented by DirtFish in recent years. DirtFish is a big part of this growing popularity and I am very happy that our discussions among enthusiasts are leading to a structured program for young Americans and Canadians.

Assessing and encouraging talent is what we’re all about here at DirtFish Steve Rimmer

“Those who want to follow in the footsteps of Ken Block or Travis Pastrana now have a clear path forwards from the #RallyAtHome Challenges.”

DirtFish Rally School owner Steve Rimmer talked of the opportunity for North America.

“This is a genuinely huge program,” he said. “We’ve seen driver talent competitions before, but never anything on the truly global scale of FIA Rally Star. Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting initiatives and opportunities in the history of North American rallying.

“Participation in the #RallyAtHome Challenges is straightforward and sensible and hosting our own Digital Challenge here at the School is great news for us.

“Assessing and encouraging talent is what we’re all about here in Seattle. We can’t wait to work with the finalists and work hand-in-hand with the FIA to ensure we get the right competitors to Peru for the chance of a lifetime.

“It’s enormously exciting for us all here at DirtFish and, of course, we’re delighted to be working closely with world motorsport’s governing body. We look forward to welcoming competitors to DirtFish and playing a part in this incredible opportunity.”