Podcast: Ogier’s rise to WRC stardom

In the first of two podcasts about the six-time WRC champion's career, the panel recalls Ogier's initial arrival on the scene

Ogier Citroen Rally Sweden 2010

When an unknown Frenchman who liked skiing landed on planet WRC in México in 2008, not many people took much notice. Three days on from the start, everybody wanted to talk to Sébastien Ogier.

Immediately touted as a successor to the other Séb (who was then pursuing a fifth straight title of his own), few could have predicted the twists and turns the Ogier-Citroën-Loeb alliance would go through over the next three and a bit years.

This edition of Spin, The Rally Pod was supposed to investigate Ogier’s career from top to bottom (should that be bottom to top?), but in the end Lisa O’Sullivan, George Donaldson, Colin Clark and David Evans had far too much to say and – an hour in – Super Séb the second hadn’t even won his first World Rally Championship title.

It became a two-parter. Enjoy the first bit…