Employee Spotlight: Andrew Caddell


DirtFish Instructor, Andrew Caddell, has spent nearly his entire life in the world of motorsports. He began racing at a young age. He spent time competing in Spec Miata and even went on to win the 2006 Spec Miata National Championship. In 2010, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and began competing in off-road short course racing where he saw some success with multiple wins and podium finishes. Find out more about Andrew below:

Where are you from and where did you grow up?
I am from Graham, Washington and have lived in the state my entire life.

How did you get involved in the sport of rally?
I had followed the sport for quite some time but never had the opportunity to get into it. My first introduction to driving a rally car was during my interview here at Dirtfish.

What made you want to be a driving instructor?
With my background in racing, it was a natural step for me to continue my driving career and begin instructing. My goal is to help people see the benefit of driving instruction to improve their car control skills.

What made you choose DirtFish over any other driving school? And, why rally over other motorsports?
When I first heard about Dirtfish, I really wanted to work there! So when I got a call to interview for an instructing job, I couldn’t pass it up. Rally is such a complex sport. The driving techniques needed are fascinating to me, so it made sense to help people learn to drive fast and be consistent on gravel roads and loose surfaces.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Honestly, I am pretty low key. I like kicking back and watching sports on TV but other than that; my Wife tends to fill up my schedule with activities that she wants to do.

Do you compete in any racing? If so, what series do you compete in? What kind of car do you race?
I don’t currently compete in any motorsports. I have been working with Conner Martell for Dirtfish Motorsports as a Driving Coach and Spotter, which keeps me at the track, which is always a fun time.

What is your racing history and background? How long have you been racing?
Starting at the age of 9, I raced various disciplines for 15 years. I began competing in Go-karts, then made the step up to circle track racing for two years. I had always wanted to compete in road racing, and when I was 15 years old, I was presented with an opportunity to do so. Following my years of road racing, I decided to race off-road trucks in the TORC Series. I had grown up around off-road racing with my dad, who had spent many years competing, so it had always been something that I wanted to do. When the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no! I had a blast sliding and jumping the TORC trucks.

What kind of car do you drive daily?
I drive a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. Gas mileage is key when you have a daily commute of 90 miles.

What kind of jams do you listen to while cruising to work in the morning?
I listen to a lot of different things, from sports talk radio or if I am in the mood for music I listen to either country music or some older rock.

What else should the DirtFish fans know about you?
I also like to golf, and my wife makes fun of me because I have never seen “A Christmas Story.”