Employee Spotlight: Jason Cocking, Instructor


Jason Cocking was born and raised in Washington, settling in Monroe – home to the State’s largest NASCAR track, Evergreen Speedway.  Following many years competing in dirt track racing, he joined the DirtFish team a couple of years ago and has quickly become one of the faces that you are most likely to see during your Driving Program.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?
I grew up in Maltby and went to Monroe High.
When I was born my dad was racing off-road buggies, and he was actually on a team with Roger Caddell (father of Instructor Andrew Caddell).

How did you get involved in the sport of rally?
I have spent most of my life around multiple forms of racing, and I have had a passion for it ever since, and DirtFish is really what made me interested in the sport of rally.

What made you want to work for DirtFish?
I had heard about the rally school for a while, and it seemed like an awesome opportunity to work someplace that aligned with my passion for high-performance driving and racing.

What made you choose DirtFish over any other Company? And, why rally over other motorsports?
I chose DirtFish because I was local to the area, and I love the Snoqualmie Valley. Rally is unique because it’s primarily a test of your driving skill, and the actions of other drivers don’t affect you like they do in head-to-head racing. It’s really just you vs. the road and you’re required to adjust your driving and equipment accordingly for the conditions.

What do you like to do in your free time?
When I am not teaching people to slide rally cars around in the dirt, I spend time with my wife and son. I also enjoy traveling, hiking, golfing, and wakeboarding when I can.

Do you compete in any type of racing? What is your racing history and background? How long have you been racing?
I am not currently racing, however, my background is in dirt oval racing. I began racing in a flat track car when I was 11 years old and competed in kart racing along the way. I eventually ended up in a full-size sprint car when I was 19, which I competed in for about 5  seasons, racing throughout Washington and Oregon.

What kind of car do you drive daily?
I have an extremely exciting Chevy family sedan. Nothing fast or performance oriented.

What kind of jams do you listen to while cruising to work in the morning?
I usually listen to country music, but now and then, I like to mix in some random types of music.

What else should the DirtFish fans know about you?
Random fact- I’m a pretty good ping pong player if anyone is up for a good game! I also just built an RC car dirt track in my backyard, and I am now accepting challengers.