Employee Spotlight: Kevin Anderson, Instructor


Kevin Anderson has spent a good portion of his life in the automotive world- racing karts, competing in Pro3, hosting arrive and drive events for manufacturers and even dominating SIM races across the internet. He has also become employees go-to investment expert for bitcoin. Kevin has become a favorite for many DirtFish students, thanks to his calm and collected demeanor in the car.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I was raised in the small town of Godfrey, IL. My father was a talented handyman and had a passion for working on cars. To his credit, I gained an appreciation for all things automotive throughout my younger years.

How did you get involved in the sport of Rally?

Working at DirtFish Rally School has always been the ultimate tease. Similar to some of our other staff members, my background was always on pavement. I came from the world of 4-stroke karts and Pro3 spec BMW E30’s. DirtFish taught me how to adapt my car control skills to loose surfaces correctly. But without stage rally-specific experience, I hungered for the opportunity. For now, I gain wisdom from my peers who have many years of experience and prepare myself for what’s to come.

What made you want to be a driving instructor?

At some point, within all of us, we reach a personal ceiling in our driving skills and abilities. I looked at instructing as a challenge to what I always thought I knew. My coworkers are amazing! It’s like being in a think tank for driving. We are always bouncing ideas off of each other, which helps us all grow and improve.

What made you choose DirtFish over any other driving school? And why rally over other motorsports?

DirtFish had just opened when I first discovered it, which made it an exciting time to be part of any company, let alone a rally driving school! Once I learned how to drive on loose surfaces, driving on smoothly paved road courses felt so much less exciting. Rally on!

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I travel the world for auto-manufacturers as a contractor representing their brand, SIM Race online, work in my garage and explore breweries around the Pacific Northwest!

Do you compete in any type of racing? If so, what series do you compete in? What kind of car do you race?

Occasionally, I drop into Pro3 races in my Uncle’s car- a BMW E30. Also, a good friend and I share a 4-stroke kart for local racing, which is always a great time.

What is your racing background? How long have you been racing?

I started racing karts at ten years old. There were a few years where I was more focused on school and acquiring my degree in finance. But it seems I would always find a way back to racing!

What kind of car do you daily drive?

A manual 1998 BMW E36 M3! It is a one owner car that was pampered by an elderly doctor who barely drove it. Suffice it to say, I scored.

What kind of jams do you listen to while cruising to work in the morning?

Too many to list of course. If I’m tired, I’ll stay awake trying to match the vocals of Steve Perry in Journey. Of course, bands like Tool, Breaking Benjamin, 90’s Need for Speed – Rom di Prisco, and Nujabes make for some great driving music.

What else should DirtFish fans know about you?

I’m a gamer. Let’s play!