Employee Spotlight: Krissy Shelton


Most people who visit DirtFish will know Krissy as the first person they see when they walk through the front doors. For the almost three years, she has greeted excited students and checked them in for their driving programs. Not one to shy away from a challenge or a well-placed witticism, Krissy knows the importance of first class customer service and has landed at DirtFish thanks to that positive “tattoo and a smile” genuine attitude.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Kirkland, WA.

How did you get involved in the sport of rally?

My husband! He absolutely loves rally. Naturally I grew to really enjoy it as well.

What made you want to work for DirtFish?

Besides the fact that it is AWESOME! Everyone is very welcoming and are team players. I have always had a nack for cars and people, and DirtFish fit both of those perfectly.

What made you choose DirtFish over any other Company? And, why rally over other motorsports?

How I started working at DirtFish is an interesting story. Basically, I told my husband he could not take a 3-day class back in 2014, so he pursued a very part-time job at the school and our relationship with DirtFish slowly grew and took off. Everyone I started to meet was very welcoming and definitely seemd to be knowledgeable. Once my current position opened up, I knew I wanted to be part of this amazing company. Why rally? There are no rain delays..! Just like life, you have to keep going, put forward your best effort and get it done!

What do you like to do in your free time?

This is hard to answer because I tend to be very random. Here are some highlights: I love being with my horse Dozer, watching reality TV shows, baking sweet treats, playing with my son, paddleboarding, sewing, and should an outdoor adventure present its self, I will jump in on that too.

Do you compete in any type of racing? If so, what series do you compete in? What kind of car do you race?

I have never raced in Motorsports, but I have helped with service occasionally. When I am able to, I like traveling to help with the DirtFish Motorsports service crew doing various small tasks. I don’t currently have a racing background. I love when I can sneak in a ride as a passenger when someone is driving here. I am a great car companion. 

What kind of car do you drive daily?

I have two daily drivers: a 2014 F-150 Eco Boost King Ranch! She does it all- hauls the horse trailer, family, dogs, and it’s really comfortable on a road trip! My other vehicle is a low-riding 1998 VR6 VW Jetta named Gretta (get it… Gretta the Jetta!). I paid for her with a bottle of Crown Royal. She is not as fancy as the Ford, but does have a functional sunroof and heated seats 🙂

What kind of jams do you listen to while cruising to work in the morning?

My Pandora Thumbprint is always going. I primarily listen to country but I do have other artist playing to add some audio flavor.

What else should the DirtFish fans know about you?

I am the biggest Rocky movie nerd EVER! I have an ORIGINAL unopened box set of all of the movies…