Meet the DirtFish Team: Josh Sommer

The latest instalment of 'Meet the Team' introduces you to Josh Sommer - one of our incredible technicians

Meet Josh Sommer, one of our incredible DirtFish vehicle technicians.

To run a world-leading rally school like we do at DirtFish, you need some incredibly skilled people across all facets of the business – whether it be in the marketing department, the driving instructors themselves or the mechanics keeping our fleet of cars running.

No day is the same for Josh, who helps prepare – and hopefully not mend! – the cars you can drive at our school, and it’s sharing that passion for rallying with the customers that gives Josh the most satisfaction.

“The most rewarding part of this is being able to work on cars I’m passionate about,” he said.

“I’m really into rally, I love sharing that with the customers in general and being able to share my product which is the cars basically with the customers and letting them experience, that’s the most satisfying part.”

Check out the latest video in our ‘Meet the Team’ series to learn more about Josh and his role, and why the entry list for this year’s Olympus Rally is well worth keeping an eye on!

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