Ken Block’s Hoonitruck for sale at $1.1million

It's the latest in a long-line of Block creations to be sold through LBI Limited


It appears as if Ken Block still needs to make a little more room in his garage for whatever crazy project he’s got coming next. That’s because his famous Hoonitruck has hit the market.

Following on from the sales of his Focus RS RX, his first winning rally car (a Subaru Impreza WRX STI), his Gymkhana 3 Fiesta, his RX43 Fiesta rallycross racer, and his RS200, the Hoonitruck is the latest famed Block machine to flee the nest.

The one-off creation is something rather special. Resembling an old-school 1977 Ford F-150 pickup, the machine is completely reworked underneath, carrying the running gear of Ford’s class-winning GT Le Mans racer – albeit with a typically Ken Blockish four-wheel drive system.

Free from the shackles of regulated motorsport, the power output from the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 is an obscene 914bhp at 7,400rpm with 702ft-lb of torque, all transmitted to the road via a sequential six-speed Sadev gearbox.

Unlike the Ford GT, the Hoonitruck is front-engined, but don’t expect to haul anything in the back – this is a ‘truck’ in name only, with the bed housing the rear portion of the vehicle’s spaceframe chassis as well as its race-derived fuel cell.

The steel aluminium widebody enhancements also make it 79 inches wide, so it’s not the most practical hauler, either, although it is fitted with a functional backup camera and tow hitch setup, as well as FordPass remote start; which is handy.

The Hoonitruck is also being sold with a comprehensive spares package that includes an entire second Ford GT EcoBoost engine as well as additional wheels, doors, subframes, suspension components, and more. Block’s even signed the transmission tunnel, just in case you forget whose crazy mind this contraption has come from.

Inspired by the truck his father once drove, Block’s Hoonitruck was originally built in 2018. It has since been seen by over 75 million people online, and played a central role in Gymkhana 10 (where it teased Travis Pastrana’s future involvement in the viral series) and Climbkhana Two. It also won the ‘Best Dressed’ award at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The price for all this car… or truck? A cool $1.1 million; a bargain when you consider the entire build of the vehicle reportedly cost $1.5m. So if you haven’t already, now might be a good time to raid the kids’ piggy bank.

The Hoonitruck is being sold through LBI Limited, the same firm that offered the Gym3 and RX43 Fiestas as well as the RS200 earlier this year. The listing can be found here.

Photography:LBI Limited

Words:Dominik Wilde