Six questions with… Krissy Shelton

DirtFish's Merchandise & Client Service Manager is the latest guest in the feature series


Here at DirtFish, we’re keen to bring you the thoughts of as many rallying figures as we can during these unprecedented times – including through this new feature series.

It’s a simple premise: the same set of six questions, all asked to personalities throughout the rallying community – including members of the DirtFish family.

Our third interviewee is DirtFish’s merchandise and client service manager Krissy Shelton.

What’s your best rallying memory, and why?

Attending the Off Road Hall of Fame Ceremony with DirtFish in support of David Higgins being inducted this year. That was super special and something I will never forget.

If you could make one change in rallying, what would it be and why?

I would like to make it easier for people who want to watch and know what is going on to have a better understanding of what is happening.

When you are a new fan or spectator, knowing what is going on can be very overwhelming to know what and where to go. Even the verbiage, or what class is what is tricky. Being able to add some clarification would be beneficial not only for the fan but the sport.

If you could choose one era to live in our sport, which one would it be and why?

Honestly I am enjoying this one. I feel technology is helping as it is easier to follow and “get to know” your favorite driver via social media. It makes race day that much more exciting!

How is rallying helping you through lockdown right now?

I have been enjoying watching our instructors on Twitch racing.

Which rally are you looking forward to most once we’re through this and why?

I really like the Oregon Trail Rally (OTR). I love to watch the Maryhill Loops stage.

You can have a conversation with one person from the history of rallying, who would it be and what would you talk about?

Honestly I would want to go back to the original crazy guys. Just running the back roads. Like the bootleggers for NASCAR. That would be super interesting and see what all they did and didn’t have in the cars.