Get to know DirtFish Rally School

Take a tour around the School with Hollie McRae

Hollie McRae made her first visit to DirtFish last month. Like all of our students, she studied hard and did her homework.

But could she answer 12 questions on the subject of the world’s best rally school in its 12th year?

Yes she could. And then some. She filled us in on where to buy merch and what Haunted Hot Laps were all about. But the best was saved for the end…

Having made her debut in a DirtFish School Subaru, the biggest question centred on when she be following her world champion dad Colin into a rally car? No spoilers here. Sit back and listen.

And don’t worry, this is just the start of some great Hollie McRae content. Earlier in the summer – and someway east of Snoqualmie (ie Knockhill, Scotland) we asked if she would like to interview some of her family’s famous names.

She said yes, we pressed record and the results are coming your way very soon.