Meet the DirtFish Team: Brad Davis

He has a real talent for tailoring courses to every student's needs

Meet Brad Davis, an instructor at DirtFish Rally School.

As with any of our world-leading instructors, Brad is a supremely capable driver and an equally great teacher. But his extremely dedicated approach and attention-to-detail makes him one of DirtFish’s most valuable assets.

He’s hailed as an amazing addition to the instruction team given his amazing ability to customize his coaching to every individual student’s needs in the car.

But Brad also has a passion for sustainability, and has spearheaded multiple projects at DirtFish to reduce our waste footprint – most recently drastically reducing our use of disposable plastic water bottles by helping DirtFish partner with a company called EcoVessel and issue all team members with a eusable stainless steel vessels as a part of their employee onboarding.

It’s clear then that DirtFish loves Brad, and Brad loves DirtFish – saying the family feel of the place makes it a brilliant place to work. 

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Video:DirtFish Media