Meet the DirtFish Team: Josie Rimmer

Next in our series is the woman who started it all and the figurehead in the Women in Motorsport project, Josie Rimmer

March is Women’s Month at DirtFish, so who better to feature next in our ‘Meet the Team’ video series than the innovative creator behind it all: Josie Rimmer.

Josie is one of DirtFish’s brightest young talents in our writing department, with a keen focus on promoting equality across every realm of motorsport.

It’s this passion and drive that has helped get DirtFish’s pioneering Women’s Month – celebrating all women in motorsport with unmissable events at DirtFish HQ and exclusive content on the website – off the ground.

“Josie is a life force here at DirtFish,” said CEO Justin Simpson. “She is leading the charge for our first, annual Women in Motorsport Month and she has been instrumental in telling stories of women in our sport to the world.

“I appreciate her passion for equality, her focused approach to tackling big projects, and her constant pursuit of excellence. All with a smile!”

Learn more about what Josie does, what inspires her and the quirks of her own car ‘Lady Avocado’ right here.

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