Meet the DirtFish Team: Kevin Anderson

A long-serving member of our team, Kevin has a passion for anything he can drive

Put a steering wheel between his hands, and Kevin Anderson’s a happy man.

A DirtFish instructor since 2013, he’s of course a keen rallyist and has competed alongside fellow instructor Mitch Williams before.

But his passion extends far beyond the loose and onto the racetracks, and the simulator!

“Kevin is another one of our multi-talented instructors,” says Josie Rimmer, DirtFish head of strategy.

“Whether he’s slinging couches or behind the wheel, Kevin works at full force and always has a smile on his face. I am so thankful for Kevin’s calm, genuine demeanor which always pushes us to be our best.

“He’s been with us for nine years now, and we can’t imagine DirtFish without him!”

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