Meet the DirtFish Team: Sean Edwards

Seeing drivers progress is the greatest reward for this DirtFish instructor

Rallying fanatic Sean Edwards doesn’t just breathe his favorite sport, he lives it too as one of the ultra-talented instructors at DirtFish Rally School.

Describing the feeling of working at DirtFish as “magic”, Sean, like the rest of our instructors, simply loves being able to head out on course and transform students from rally novices to rally superstars.

“One of the most rewarding things we get to experience as driving instructors here at DirtFish is seeing that progression, seeing that student start at nothing and ending up a talented rally pilot,” he says.

“Often I’ll remind the student and say ‘hey remember when we were at the skid-pad, you could barely turn this thing and now we’re sliding around in third gear looking out the side windows!’

“That’s immeasurable, it’s incomparable, it’s one of the best feelings I’ve experienced.”

Find out more about Sean – and his favorite ever period of rallying – in the latest ‘Meet the Team’ video.