Meet the DirtFish Team: Tim Elson

Tim ensures the School's course is kept in tip top shape

We need staff to welcome our students to the Rally School, instructors to guide them round and team members to make sure the course they’re rallying on remains up to standard.
That’s where Tim Elson comes in. As course technician, Tim often finds himself operating the water truck – spraying the surface of the roads to keep dust down or provide a touch more grip – or dutifully picking up and placing cones so that students know where they’re going.
Simply none of our classes here at the School could run without him. And he does it all with a massive grin on his face.

“You can count on Tim to chase after those downed cones or give you a spray on a hot day with the water truck, and you can always count on him doing it in style,” said Josie Rimmer, DirtFish head of strategy.

“Whether it’s a wide brimmed hat or cool new pants, Tim looks fashionable on the job.

“We love his passion for this sport and can’t wait to see his rally car build!”

Meet Tim for yourself – and find out about that rally car build – right here by checking our the latest instalment of our Meet the Team series.