Bike and circuit racers go rallying at DirtFish

After Michele Abbate and Vanessa Ruck starred at our Women in Motorsport summit, we put them through their paces at the Rally School

DirtFish’s annual Women in Motorsport Summit brings together some of the most incredible women from many different disciplines within motorsport.

Last weekend, off-road biker Vanessa Ruck – AKA The Girl on a Bike – and Trans-Am racer Michele Abbate were among the Summit’s panelists.

But hearing their inspirational stories wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to see how their skills translated to a rally car. What better way than for them to take a class at DirtFish Rally School?

After a session in the classroom, expert instructor Michelle Miller took Vanessa and Michele out in one of our rear-wheel-drive Subaru BRZs. They put the theory into practice on our handling course, testing the BRZ’s weight transfer and building their confidence behind its wheel.

Then it was time to exchange cones for trees on our rally stage known as The Wedge. Precision is key as the BRZ negotiates blind off-camber corners, long straightaways and the slalom.

Watch the video to see how they get on!