What’s an All Women’s Rally Course really like?

DirtFish held its first of three All Women's Rally School courses for 2024 last week

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DirtFish’s Women In Motorsport month is about more than just showing what women have done and could do. It’s about making it happen.

One aspect of turning talk into action is our All Women’s classes, of which three take place during March.

Last week, the first batch of students took on a variety of exercises out on our course with rally-prepared Subaru BRZs, honing their skills before putting it all together with a run on The Link course to test their newly acquired talents.

Kelly from Sacramento, CA, was one of the students learning how to drive a rally car: “I took the All Women’s Class because it feels like a comfortable setting,” she said.

“I’m coming in brand new with no motorsports background; I just wanted to know that it would be super-friendly and, honestly, kind of a safe space to be a beginner, to learn. And being a woman, being a minority in the motorsport world, I wanted to have that camaraderie and that female vibe.”

What’s an all-women’s class like at DirtFish? Watch the video below to find out. We still have some spots left for later in March, so if you fancy getting behind the wheel, you can book your place here.