Ken Block reveals ‘80s-inspired Hoonifox concept

These 3D renders could preview the next groundbreaking Gymkhana machine

Ken_Block_Hoonicorn_Foxbody_Mustang__0006_Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 18.28.11

US rallying and rallycross star Ken Block has revealed concept imagery for his latest one-of a kind creation, the Hoonifox.

Created by Batmobile designer Ash Thorp – who also came up with Block’s redesigned Escort Cosworth – the Hoonifox is based on the cult classic Fox body Mustang of the 1980s.

It is the third original ‘Hoonicorn’ design to come from Block’s Hoonigan Racing Division stable along with the original 1960s Mustang-based Hoonicorn (and its twin-turbocharged V2 variant) and the Hoonitruck.

Ken_Block_Hoonicorn_Foxbody_Mustang__0002_Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 18.29.01

Photo: Hoonigan

Visually, Block wanted the car to be a combination of the original Hoonicorn, with a splash of 1980s flavour from Miami Vice and the Lamborghini Countach while Thorp drew inspiration from DTM racers.

“Part of the inspiration was the Hoonicorn. All of us, especially me, love the Hoonicorn,” Block said during the car’s online reveal.

“The idea of repeating it with various models of Mustangs was the basic concept and for me the most obvious of that was the Fox body.

Ken_Block_Hoonicorn_Foxbody_Mustang__0013_Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 18.30.23

Photo: Hoonigan

“Back to the Hoonicorn, I love the style of it, I love the simplicity of it, I love the V8, I especially love the original V8 – and not that I don’t love the twin-turbo, it just always feels like it’s trying to kill me.

“Even the idea of going back to the simple rawness of the beginning of the Hoonicorn, maybe making it more simple and raw, that was kind of the general idea that I had in my head of what I wanted to do so the Fox body came up as kind of the next obvious choice.”

Block hasn’t confirmed whether the car has or will be built, but it could turn out to be the star of his next Gymkhana viral hit.


Words:Dominik Wilde