Let Red Bull’s AR game takes you inside Pastranaland

New online game is bringing fans into athletes' worlds, and with prizes on offer too


When your life involves racing cars, bikes, and powerboats, other mind-altering vehicle stunts, base jumping, and leaping out of planes without parachutes, you’re not going to have a quiet home life.

So naturally Travis Pastrana’s backyard – dubbed ‘Pastranaland’ – includes a viper pit, Slip’n Slide, pump track, foam pit, motocross track, freestyle course, skate park and an infamous Airbag jump – it’s the perfect palace to relax.

The action sports legend has refined his skills at the compound for more than 20 years, and now you can experience it for yourself with Red Bull’s new Discover Your Wiiings augmented reality (AR) game series which runs until March 31.

The series, which features four other Red Bull-backed athletes as well as Pastrana, allows players to compete in their chosen athlete’s arena for a chance of winning exclusive prizes including a custom activation surfboard, skateboard, custom computer case, Scott helmet and remote-control race car. Players with the highest scores will also win a grand prize with one of the athletes, a custom sport item, or signature merchandise.

Red Bull developed the games over a period of 11 months, utilizing computer vision techniques from the manufacturing and robotic automation industries to show the energy drink brand’s iconic can design in 3D spaces. The Austrian firm calls it “a combination of art and science”. Nice.

Fans can play the game by firstly downloading Red Bull AR app, then scanning a can or pack of Red Bull energy drink in its regular, sugar-free and ‘Zero’ variants (8.4 fl oz and 12 fl oz single serve can size; as well as 4- and 12-packs).

Words:Dominik Wilde

Photos:Red Bull