A tribute to the Targa family – Colin Clark

After three competitors lost their lives last week, DirtFish's Voice of Rally pays tribute to them


I think you all know that I have a passion for the Targa series in Australia and have been lucky enough to work on that series for the past couple of years.

What I can tell you is that there is something very special not just about these events, but about the passionate, loyal and dedicated group of competitors who regularly take part. ‘Rally family’, ‘motorsport family’; these are phrases that you hear quite often but seldom have much substance.

But let me tell you, the Targa family is very real. Just ask anyone who has ever been involved in any capacity on even just one of these great events.

And so when we lose three loved and respected members of that family, it hurts.

I was shocked to the core as I heard the news coming out of Tasmania last week and my thoughts and prayers were very much with the families of Leigh, Dennis, Shane and the entire Targa family.


Competing always comes with risks and sadly it takes events like this to remind us all of just how brave those boys and girls who strap themselves into a rally car and launch themselves onto the stages.

There will be much debate and I’m absolutely certain a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding both accidents will find answers. Motorsports Australia has already established a special investigatory tribunal.

And we know that recommendations will inevitably come from that investigation that will thankfully make our sport safer for all of us in the future.

The debate right now is very raw and at times very passionate. I would ask you though to have a listen to the event director Mark Perry’s considered words following last week’s tragedies.

Leigh, Dennis and Shane: Rest in Peace, our memories of you and your achievements will live forever.

Words:Colin Clark