Becoming the best in both worlds

Brandon Semenuk's new film, Balancing Act, charts a successful journey in ARA and Red Bull Rampage

Winning your maiden American Rally Association title is something worth celebrating. Being crowned the best of the best in American rallying is not a moment to be forgotten. It’s an all-nighter at least. Pushing on until dawn’s a must.

A decade of driving Subarus led him to a seminal Semenuk moment at LSPR last October. He won the rally. Took the title. And got on a plane.

With the fizz still fizzing in the Michigan champagne, he and co-driver Keaton Williams would spend the next few hours leapfrogging Illinois, Kansas and Colorado in favor of Utah and a big cliff in Virgin.

A little over 12 hours on from posting the fastest time on the ARA season’s final stage, Semenuk was with his other team. Rallying done, it was Rampage time.


The last week of the Canadian’s life had been complex as he criss-crossed the United States, ticking off time zones to register for Red Bull’s biggest bike event in the west before heading east to recce then rally among the Great Lakes.

Semenuk’s life is a balancing act between riding and rallying. He chased the chance to the best in both worlds. And delivered.

Then he made a film about it. And he called it… Balancing Act.