DirtFish Live Center is back in town (and Michigan)

Team DirtFish has returned to the land of the Great Lakes to cover the start of another ARA season of sport

Semenuk test Sno

Michigan. Again. Lower Peninsula this time. Last time we were Yoopers. This time we’re Trolls – because we’re below the Mackinac Bridge. This all makes sense to DirtFish’s resident Michigander, Brenten Kelly.

All I know, all I care about is it’s Sno*Drift week and, finally, I’m on the right side of the Atlantic. The right side being, of course, the left side. Stateside. Like Michigan’s other great rally – October’s LSPR – Sno*Drift is an event I’ve hankered after visiting for ages. For years I looked on in envy at meter-high snowbanks as Karlstad and Rally Sweden struggled to muster a meagre covering.

Sweden’s got snow sussed now with a move to the country’s far north in Umeå. No such concerns for the Sno*Drift. It does what it says on the tin: it brings snow to let the cars drift. Talking to BK a fortnight ago, he laughed at the prospect of a bone-dry Monte Carlo; much of Michigan was peering out from beneath a blizzard-brought blanket of the stuff.

Emerging from Detroit airport there was a slight concern. It wasn’t cold. It was sunny. It definitely wasn’t snowing. Four hours up country and the story was the same as we pulled into the hotel car park. The temperature offered a stubborn 40-something Fahrenheit. Half a day ago, London was colder. And had about as much snow.

LSPR 070224

Seasons change: LSPR in fall has become Sno*Drift in winter, both Michigan favorites 

The melt had happened.

Sitting in the The White Elk Coffeehouse sipping a hot chocolate and typing these words to a Zach Bryan and Jon Pardi soundtrack, the weather just doesn’t matter. Team DirtFish is fresh from Subaru’s test on Hungry 5.

Hungry 5 is the name of the road Travis Pastrana is using to reacquaint himself with America’s fastest rally car. Snow or no snow, the WRX is on it. And sounding just as sweet as ever.

Four months on from the 2023 season finale, just up the Michigan road (and over the Mackinac Bridge) in Marquette, we’re back. ARA’s on. And DirtFish Live Center is primed and ready to deliver all the news from the American opener.

Coffee 070224

The White Elk Coffeehouse in Atlanta is the best place for hot chocolate and country music

Local hero and former Sno*Drift podium finisher (2016, third in his open class Subaru) BK is leading the charge on DirtFish Live Center. We’re open for business from 1800 (local time) on Friday evening for the first night’s action before a full day of fever through Saturday.

Forget Super Bowl LVIII. Forget Brock Purdy versus Patrick Mahomes. There’s only one Stateside sporting event worth tuning in to this weekend and you’ll find it covered wall-to-wall right here on DirtFish.com and all of our social channels.

Brandon versus Travis is just a day and a bit away. Bring. It. On.

And turn the music up.

LSPR Semenuk 070224

David Evans laughs off Brandon Semenuk's attempts to cast a spell over the opposition in LSPR last year