DirtFish’s role in the ARA this season

Green APU will sponsor this year's ARA as DirtFish steps back as series promoter

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The 2023 Green APU American Rally Association season kicks off with this week’s Sno*Drift Rally – but it does so without DirtFish Rally School as the series promoter.

After working with America’s premier rally series for the last three years, we have stepped back for this season. We will continue to provide news and content from all rounds of the championship, but it won’t be at quite the same level of intensity.

DirtFish owner Steve Rimmer explained the move, saying: “We’re delighted to see Green APU stepping in as a title sponsor for ARA. In both Art and Patrick Gruszka – and the whole of the Green APU team – we truly recognize the same passion for rallying we enjoy here at DirtFish.


“It’s for that reason we’re very confident those guys will be able to help steer ARA in the right direction this year.

“Undoubtedly, the events of last month with Ken Block’s tragic passing will have an impact on this season’s ARA; it’s been a tough, tough start to 2023.”

Rimmer confirmed DirtFish’s commitment to providing media coverage of ARA remained.

He added: “While we’re not working on the promotion this time, DirtFish will be here to provide insightful, engaging coverage of all the events.

“This is most certainly not the end of our own ARA story. We remain as committed as ever to serving the American rally community: if you have a story for us, we’ll always be interested.

“In the last few years, I’d like to think DirtFish has been instrumental in the growth of rallying in this part of the world. But we’re not done. Not by a long stretch.

“There’s so much more to come from rallying in America and we look forward to sharing a bright future with you all.”