Hoonigan’s team boss on working with Ken Block

Derek Dauncey recalled his memories of working with Block through the years on SPIN, The Rally Pod


In his 55 years on this earth, Ken Block squeezed in far more than most can ever manage in two lifetimes.

You certainly couldn’t ever say that life within his inner circle was boring.

Derek Dauncey can attest. From the very beginning of Ken’s motorsport life, former Mitsubishi man Dauncey was there by his side, working with him at Vermont SportsCar and then running Hoonigan Racing Division when Block went out on his own.

Dauncey sits down with David Evans in a special edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod to recount many of his memories and stories along the journey with Ken, from his Subaru days to the transition to Ford and the World Rally Championship, the growth – and importance – of Gymkhana, the quest to become American Rally Association champion and Ken’s love of Nando’s.