Inside DirtFish’s record-breaking weekend

It's all things Olympus Rally on this week's SPIN, The Rally Pod


This year’s Olympus Rally was one to remember here at DirtFish.

And the reason was simple – we had a record number of entries!

Yes, that’s right, seven crews participating on the rally were DirtFish employees. As is so often the case in rallying, every crew had varying levels of success but all had a story to tell, making for a hugely entertaining and exciting event.

So we couldn’t let this pass by and not talk about it on SPIN, The Rally Pod, could we?

Sit back, relax and spend the next three quarters of an hour immersing yourself in everything Olympus had to offer with David Evans, Josie Rimmer, Nate Tennis, Brenten Kelly, Jack Harrison and Zander Lozano.