Pastrana out of Olympus Rally

Six-time American champion offers heartfelt explanation about his absence from ARA round three

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Subaru USA Motorsports’ ARA assault will be back to one car for this week’s Olympus Rally as Travis Pastrana undergoes treatment on a damaged hip instead of tearing up the Washington woods in WRX #199.

The six-time champion explained the pain he’s been in since breaking his back – it’s that pain which has affected his performance since returning from a season away from the sport and will keep him out of the car in Olympus.

Pastrana said: “I truly apologize that I won’t be competing at Olympus this weekend. It all started two and a half years ago when I broke my back and shattered my pelvis and tail bone and almost bled out.

“I really haven’t been able to sleep very well since then. It’s really hard to commit wide open through the woods when you’re already in pain and worried about aggravating the injuries further. I don’t think that hesitation is fair or safe for Rhi Gelsomino or the team to have to deal with.


Pastrana had struggled to match the pace of Subaru team-mate Brandon Semenuk so far this ARA season

“I realized my knee was so far gone that I needed a knee replacement, and then I came back from my knee replacement too soon and unfortunately it’s now a water balloon and worse than it was to start with.

“I was walking through the airport the other day and my hip gave out. I crawled to a wheelchair and just kind of laughed that Father Time has finally won, mentally and physically.

“I truly appreciate all the support from my fans and sponsors. I will be back to rally, I just need to focus on healing up right now.”

In a statement, Subaru added: “Legendary Subaru Motorsports USA driver Travis Pastrana will miss the action as he undergoes further treatment for a damaged hip and to aid in recovery following a knee replacement late last year.

“Decades of record breaking, jump landing, and sliding sideways through every imaginable terrain have been punctuated by a string of injuries for the action sports icon.”

Words:David Evans