Podcast: From the start, America and the WRC

Olympus Rally isn’t the only US event to have featured in the WRC. Michigan’s Press on Regardless was in from the start


Who would try to outrun a county sheriff on a World Rally Championship stage? Which member of the DirtFish team was scared by a bear in the Michigan woods last week? And what does Eric Carlson think about the Lake Superior Performance Rally?

Brenten Kelly leads an unashamedly LSPR-focused SPIN, The Rally Pod this week.

Joining him on the world’s muddiest, gravelliest and most feversome podcast are the men who know everything about rallying in Michigan, Steve Gingras and Eric Carlson. David Evans was also in the room, learning lots about rallying in Michigan.

Download and listen in to some of the best – and most moving – stories about rallying in and around the Great Lakes.