SummerFest: The place to meet rallying’s dominant force

Brandon Semenuk is Red Bull's all-action hero and Saturday's DirtFish SummerFest is your chance to meet him

Semenuk Olympus 040723

Saturday March 18, just before eight in the evening. Brandon Semenuk probably doesn’t think too much on the significance of that day and that hour. That’s not his style.

The significance? The second running of Deep Ford at the 100 Acre Wood Rally was the last time anybody beat the Canadian to a stage win. Since then, he’s been fastest on all 72 stages which have run across the last four rounds of the Green APU American Rally Association series.

That’s impressive. That’s Semenuk.

On Saturday, the Subaru Motorsports USA star will roll down the road from Squamish into Snoqualmie for SummerFest. When he gets to the Fish, he’ll be the same as everybody – a dude in a blue shirt who’s a fan of all things rallying.

Semenuk SummerFest 040723

The 32-year-old is one of the sport’s most understated stars. He’s rallying’s Scottie Pippen. And you get the feeling that’s just the way he likes it.

Semenuk’s style behind the wheel is as efficient as it is quick – attributes which have carried him to a maiden American title last year and total domination of the series this year.

And when the four cylinders fall silent, the adrenalin just keeps on flowing as four wheels turn two and Semenuk sends it off the top of cliff after cliff in Utah. If you ride a mountain bike, Red Bull Rampage is right up there in terms of extreme entertainment. Brandon’s the first person ever to win it four times.

I’m telling you all of this largely because he’s unlikely to on the weekend. Seriously, you’re in the presence of greatness on Saturday.

Brandon Semenuk

Even better, there’s burgers, pizza and a thrill ride seat in a sideways BRZ if you’re up for it.

SummerFest is where it’s at. More importantly, it’s where giants of off-road motorsport like Sara Price and Brandon Semenuk are at.

You know where to go. Right here. And don’t forget, admission’s free!