The legacy Ken Block leaves behind

In a special SPIN, The Rally Pod, the team discuss how much of an impact Ken Block had on motorsport

Ken Block and the Audi S1 Hoonitron electrify Las Vegas

The loss of Ken Block is still being felt all over the world, as motorsport fans, competitors and media personnel alike try to adjust to a future without him.

And that’s hard when you consider just how much Ken did for us all.

Ken was sometimes misunderstood as a driver – criticized for not quite being fast enough in the World Rally or Rallycross Championships, or dismissed for his Gymkhana driving skill because he was afforded multiple takes.

It was all truly wide of the mark.

Although he longed to be as competitive as he could be, that wasn’t the be-all-and-end-all for Ken. Building his DC Shoes brand into a global phenomenon and selling it on to start competing at 35, Ken redefined the marketing game with obscene stunts and skills all delivered with a personal and personable touch.

He was an innovator. While he may not have had the raw talent of a Sébastien Loeb or his hero Colin McRae, neither of those two rallying greats had the abilities that Ken Block had.

His legacy is of a man who did things differently. He just wanted to have fun, while growing his brands and the sport of rallying along the way.

And that’s how David Evans, Colin Clark and George Donaldson choose to remember him in a new, heartfelt edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod.