Video: How DirtFish got on at the Sno*Drift Rally

Go behind the scenes as lead instructor Nate Tennis and co-driver Claudia Barbera take on the 2021 ARA season opener

A lot of the time ahead of or during rallies, you’ll hear drivers talk about seat time. The more time in a rally car you have, the more familiar you are with it, and the better your rhythm should be when you start that first stage.

Nate Tennis is no strange to seat time as the lead instructor at DirtFish’s state-of-the-art rally school. But driving on the same turf every day is a lot different to taking on one of the toughest rallies in North America: the Sno*Drift Rally.

That’s exactly what Tennis did last month, however, in the DirtFish Motorsports Subaru BRZ.

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at his rally, which had its fair share of ups and downs…