Why two-time champ Semenuk is ready to put on a show

Subaru's ARA star Brandon Semenuk is talented behind the camera as well as in front of it

Semenuk Oregon

Anybody who knows Brandon Semenuk knows he’s so much more than a two-time American champion rally driver. There’s that stuff he does on a mountain bike. But then there’s also that stuff that he does with a camera.

Semenuk enjoys looking at life through a lens before editing video and pictures together into some of the most jaw-dropping action films around. Until now, most movies have featured his adventures on two wheels as arguably the world’s best freeride mountain biker (Parallel II is well worth a watch). He’s ready to change that now.

Looking forward to another season of ARA action with Subaru Motorsports USA, the Canadian star is also hoping to hit record on four wheels.

“I’m looking at a few other endeavors aside from ARA,” the reigning champion told DirtFish. “Vermont [SportsCar] built such a cool car with the WRX that I want to spend as much time in it as possible. It was great to be involved in the test and development side of the car through the first half of last year, but now I just want to drive it!

Brandon Semenuk, Kade Edwards, Nic Genovese and Isaac Wallen

“Doing ARA is great and I still look back to where I started my career in rallying and I truly appreciate the opportunities I have with Subaru – but I’d be stoked to do some more cool stuff, a film project with this car would be great.”

Semenuk has run his own film production company since 2015 and has a vision to bring the sport and media together.

He added: “It would be fun to switch it up and bring across the infrastructure and skill set that I have on the mountain bike side and use it on the motorsport side. We could have some fun with it. I’m sure there will be some cool opportunities and, like I said, driving the car outside of the events is always great.”

Subaru won’t, of course, be short of potential media opportunities this season, with Travis Pastrana returning to a factory WRX alongside Semenuk. Pastrana took over Ken Block’s Gymkhana driving duties in recent years.

Brandon Semenuk

Words:David Evans