Colin Clark – The Voice of Rally comes to DirtFish

He's been broadcasting the epic drama of rallying to fans for a decade and a half - and from 2020 he'll be doing it for DirtFish

Colin Clark

I’m sitting here in my local coffee shop trying desperately to write this column and failing miserably.

It’s over 24 hours since I opened my laptop and sat down with a flat white to write my first column for DirtFish. Yesterday I wrote one line, today with a little prod from the boss, I’ve somehow managed to put down in words what the first real change in my job description in 15 years actually means to me.

As many of you will know, I have often described my job as being the best in the world.

Standing at stop lines and interviewing drivers, who in my opinion are the very best in the world, seconds after they have put it all on the line in the most demanding of conditions, was as exhilarating as it was rewarding.

As the greatest motorsport commentator of them all Murray Walker put it “the ultimate privilege in my job is to stand at the shoulder of sporting giants and proclaim their greatness to the world”.

And do you know what? I completely get it because on more than one occasion I also had, in a small way, the honour of doing just that.

Sébastien Loeb when he claimed title number seven outside the town hall in Haguenau in 2010 was the defining highlight, but there were others.

Elfyn Evans’s win on Rally GB was an emotional one, Dani Sordo’s first win in Germany was special and Andreas Mikkelsen winning the Intercontinental Rally Challenge in Cyprus will live long in the memory.

Colin Clark

I’ve been at the stop line for most of the seminal moments in the World Rally Championship in the past decade and a half and I really don’t think there is anyone on Earth who has stood at more stop lines than me. It’s my second home and a place I love, that I’m comfortable with, that I’m respected at and where I know I can do a good job.

So as you can imagine, the decision to leave that special place hasn’t been an easy one.

It was going to take something very special, something that sparked my curiosity, that excited my slightly off the wall creative streak and imagination, that satisfied my continuous inner need to talk, analyse and share the joys of rally.

Step forward the incredible team at DirtFish.

As you can see from our brand new website, we’ve got big plans for this platform. Presenting rally in a way that makes it more accessible and exciting to our North American friends is only part of what we will be doing. DirtFish are putting together the very best writers and broadcasters in the business to bring you all the news from rallying around the world.

I’m enormously excited and honoured to be part of something that I truly believe will be groundbreaking in its ability to deliver to rally fans exactly what they want and need Colin Clark

So what will I be doing? Well much as it’s always a bit challenging to get started, I really enjoy writing, so you’ll regularly be reading my thoughts on what’s going on in the rally world. From events you’ll be getting behind the scenes videos, previews, podcasts and analysis pieces.

Off event there will be a regular podcast every two weeks with some of the most respected names in rally offering their opinions on all the hot topics of the day. And of course, you’ll be able to catch up with my rally monologues at my Thoughts from the Kitchen Table series on DirtFish.

So as you can see, I’m enormously excited and honoured to be part of something that I truly believe will be groundbreaking in its ability to deliver to rally fans exactly what they want and need: entertaining, informative and respected rally news, views and insights from the best in the industry.

Thank you all for coming along on the most exciting ride in the world with me. It’s been an absolute joy and a privilege to be your eyes, ears and mouth piece at the stop line for so many years.

And though it’s over from me at the stop line, it’s very much not out.

Colin Clark

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