Rome ERC preparations include new app to track attendees

The European Championship event will go ahead with strict controls in place


Rally di Roma Capitale event organizer has announced the creation of a web platform aimed at ensuring safety of all attendees in the wake of coronavirus restrictions being lifted in Italy.

The eighth edition of the asphalt-based rally is set to open the delayed European Rally Championship on the weekend of July 24-26.

According to Motorsport Italia’s Max Redina, fans will be allowed to attend the rally but stressed that his organization would implement numerous governmental guidelines around sporting events in Italy to ensure the safety of everyone.

“Fans and staff will have to follow the correct behaviors and implement all the needed procedures to make this event a reference on the national and international level, an example of how much the world of rallying loves this sport and is ready to accept important changes to make this discipline restart and excite our enthusiasm again.

“A web platform is being set up to allow registration and control of all the people connected to the event: organizers, teams, drivers, staff, media and fans. Through this platform, that will be made available on Tuesday May 26 at alongside a detailed user guide, fans will have to register and specify the zones they chose to watch the rally from.”

Redina is also confident of maintaining a good show for spectators, but that such a success can only be achieved by following the prescribed behavioral procedures.

“Motorsport Italia is setting up an important check and prevention structure aiming to provide the great spectacle that the Rally di Roma Capitale is capable of. Such a great spectacle will be possible only thanks to a responsible behavior of all of us.

“This is a cultural change that will redesign the rally world known before the COVID-19 emergency. This change will rely on all fans and enthusiasts to deliver the due efforts to allow, not only the Rally di Roma, but also the whole sector, to restart in this atypical season.”