Mythical Cars Rally preparing for its future

The event, which celebrates Group A and WRC machines, ran successfully last weekend


In the wake of a hugely successful debut, the organizer of Logiman Mythical Cars Rally has already started the process of building towards next year’s event.

The organizing team is in a process of debrief through this week, but event advisor Andrea Adamo admitted there was already energy and demand for a 2024 rally. The Italian was keen to stress, however, that the rally would remain true to its Varzi base and its restricted number of entries.

“The first thing I want to do is to say a big, big congratulations to the people who were running this rally,” Adamo told DirtFish. “Me? I did nothing, but I hope I was able to do nothing with some style!

“Seriously, we are taking time this week to cool down, to settle down and to look at what we did well, what we could do better and to think to the future. For me, 35 or 38 cars is enough. Varzi is the perfect place for this rally, it’s where we are.

“I’m sure there are people out there who can see a future with many, many more cars and if somebody wants to make this thing much bigger then I am very happy for that – there are plenty of mountains for me to climb on my bike and many friends to enjoy a dinner with in Turin.

“We know we started a little bit late with this year’s event and we know there were some people standing looking at the window to see if we would make it happen. We made it happen. Now we need to work with the people of Varzi, with Marino [Scabini, ACI Pavia president] and with everybody involved to find out what they want.

“For me, it’s been emotional. To put these cars on the stages and to have friends coming by, it’s been a fantastic week. For next time, let’s see.”

Words:David Evans