What makes Otago Rally special

SPIN, The Rally Pod previews New Zealand's Otago Rally and ponders the outcome of recent WRC Commission meetings

Rally Otago 2024Ben HuntRoss Hyde Photo

With Otago Rally taking place in New Zealand this weekend and an important WRC Commission meeting just concluded, there’s lots to digest on this week’s edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod.

New Zealand’s South Island is sometimes in the shadow of its World Rally Championship-hosting northern neighbor. But make no mistake, its roads have their own character and are just as spectacular.

Join Colin Clark and David Evans as they discuss what draws folk from all over the world to the wonderful city of Dunedin for this weekend’s event.

The pair also ponder the future of the WRC, where many key suggestions from the FIA’s working group have been overshadowed by the debate over technical regulations, while the European and British Rally Championship’s season-openers are further topics covered on this week’s pod.

Listen to the latest edition of SPIN, The Rally Pod below or via your podcast app of choice.