Why Italy’s throwback rally worked so well

With Rally Italy Sardinia this weekend and Mythical Cars Rally just gone, there's an Italian theme to SPIN, The Rally Pod


You can almost smell the passion, the excitement and the pure joy of the small town of Varzi in northern Italy. That’s where Colin Clark and David Evans have been basking in rallying nostalgia for the Mythical Cars Rally for the past week.

Nothing quite describes the rallying community as adequately as the likes of McRae, Grönholm, Adamo and Wilson rubbing shoulders and mixing it with amateur enthusiasts from near and far.

In the latest episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod, Colin and David chat to the big names involved in putting such an iconic event together and discuss David’s conversion to a salami aficionado.

There’s also the serious business of Rally Italy Sardinia this weekend. How much will Kalle Rovanperä struggle on the opening day from first on the road? And who needs to take victory on Sunday to reignite their title hopes? All will be revealed.