Colin Clark’s 2000bhp electric thrill ride

He had a ride of a lifetime in the Ford Performance SuperVan

Colin Clark isn’t known for his peace and tranquility, but it was clear something had really stirred him on our final evening in Spain.

“BOYS!” he bellowed, opening his bedroom door to address me and videographer Eliot.

“There’s been a change of plan. That was Rich Millener on the phone, I’m going in the SuperVan tomorrow!”

The SuperVan is the latest deranged Ford Transit developed by the team at Ford Performamce in conjunction with Manfred Stohl’s STARD operation.


It’s all-electric and all ours for the first running of the Ruidecanyes stage. Well… not quite. Manfred would be driving, Colin wasn’t quite that lucky.

After a quick stop for a pastry and a café con leche, Colin’s off to meet his new best friend, Mike Norton, who’s helped make this one happen.

Suited, booted and strapped in, Colin’s soon on his way. But he’s not alone, we sent a GoPro with him!

Ride onboard with him as he experiences the ultimate expression of future technology.