Date with Jennifer Aniston more likely than 2021 Hyundai title – Adamo

Toyota holds a 47-point lead over Hyundai in the manufacturer standings with just 52 left to claim

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Andrea Adamo doesn’t have Jennifer Aniston’s cell phone number. But he does have a cell phone. Next week in Monza, he might, just might, get the number. And if he does, rest assured, he’s going to call it.

What would he tell the former Friends star?

Dead straight, Adamo: “I will tell her I’m the nice Italian, beautiful with green eyes and very charming…”

How has a discussion centered on Hyundai Motorsport’s effort to land a third successive World Rally Championship manufacturers’ championship become so significantly derailed?

It’s because it’s a bit of a long shot.

Is that fair Andrea?

“I have more possibilities to be given Jennifer Aniston’s mobile telephone number, to call her, to ask her to dinner and for her to accept than we have to win the championship,” he told DirtFish, in a serious tone.

“The problem is I don’t have the number, but be sure that I try. To have the possibility to call her, you need the mobile phone – in Spain [at the last WRC round] we get the mobile phone.

“Now it’s time to find Jennifer Aniston’s number. When I get that, then I need to call and present myself. Hey, I cannot pretend that she knows me!

We did all that was possible in Spain to have the championship decided on the final round. Even if we have very, very few possibilities Andrea Adamo

“If she tells me she’s busy, then I tried.

“In life, you have to try.”

And everybody in Adamo’s team will try next week. But there’s long shots and there’s this sort of long shot.

Toyota Gazoo Racing lands into the cathedral of speed with a 47-point lead in the makes’ race. Count ’em… Forty. Seven.

Sixth and seventh place would do it for Jari-Matti Latvala’s team. Or all three Yaris WRCs could stop at the side of the road on Friday, pop in briefly on Saturday, enjoy a Sunday drive before giving the powerstage full gas to go first and fifth on the season’s final competitive action.


That would still be enough to send the manufacturers’ crown east to Japan for the first time since 2018.

In short, it will happen. But at least the fight’s lasted the distance; a double podium for the i20 Coupe WRC in Spain helped make that happen.

“Look,” said Adamo, “we are not here crying on our shoulders – we reacted fast and we did all that was possible in Spain to have the championship decided on the final round. Even if we have very, very few possibilities.”

OK, it’s a mechanical sport and anything can happen.

And anyway, what do Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux have that Andrea Adamo doesn’t? Bet they couldn’t list the chassis number of every Lancia that won a world championship rally.