FIA evaluating eight options to fix Rally1 cockpit temps

WRC teams have been sent a letter detailing what can be done to improve conditions


The FIA has delivered a raft of potential changes in an effort to contain in-car temperatures in Rally1 cars at next week’s Rally Italy.

Numerous crews complained about temperatures rising towards 70 degrees at last week’s Rally Portugal and with the Italian island event – and the ensuing Safari Rally Kenya – set to be run in even hotter conditions, there were real concerns for crew safety.

Following Wednesday’s WRC Commission meeting, the teams were all sent a letter detailing what can be done to cool Rally1 cars in Alghero and moving forwards.

DirtFish understands there are eight potential solutions, five of which are free and come without the need for a homologation ‘joker’.

The free items include an opening in the windscreen cowl which would increase airflow into the car. On the same lines, there’s the option for ducts on the wing mirrors. Ducts can also be fitted into the flat of the floor of the car.

In an effort to contain the heat, the teams are allowed to include ceramic coating at the heat source, around the exhaust – which runs directly beneath the co-driver.

The homologation actions include a second roof vent, which would be permitted to be larger than the original which is already in place on the cars. Silver-lined windows and rear window vents.

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While the FIA didn’t want to discuss the specifics of the letter, it readily agreed action was needed following Rally Portugal, where Craig Breen’s co-driver Paul Nagle had felt the soles of his race boots starting to melt.

A statement from the FIA said: “A series of proposals have been presented to the members of the WRC Commission on Wednesday 25 May to address the challenges related to cockpit temperatures experienced at Rally Portugal last week and encourage manufacturer teams to use the full range of options offered by the regulations. Some of those proposals require the support of the homologation commission.

“The WRC Commission has expressed strong support to take urgent action. The technical team at the FIA and manufacturers together are now working towards solutions to help resolve these issues ahead of the upcoming events Rally Italia Sardegna and Safari Rally Kenya.”

Words:David Evans