FIA introduces temporary WRC testing ban

New measure put in place due to coronavirus, and will run until at least end of May

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The FIA has suspended World Rally Championship manufacturer teams from testing of any kind until May 31 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The World Motor Sport Council approved the decision to implement the temporary measure on Thursday.

A statement read: “This short-term measure was proposed in order to prevent inequalities between the WRC manufacturer teams regarding their capability to conduct tests in light of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and varying restrictions that apply in the different countries.

“The suspension of testing shall last until May 31 2020 or until the FIA Rally Department can confirm that local measures confirm an equal opportunity for all registered manufacturer teams to test.”

The geographical variations in government policy means Hyundai and M-Sport are locked down and unable to move to either their permanent test site or for any pre-event testing.

In Finland, the government has issued guidelines and directives, which would potentially have allowed Toyota to continue running its Yaris WRC.

Under the FIA’s temporary rules, no team can run a car until the beginning of June at the earliest.

Images:André Lavadinho

Words:David Evans