Is Rovanperä’s dominance good or bad for the WRC?

SPIN, The Rally Pod weighs up Rovanperä's impact while looking ahead to Rally Estonia

WRC_2022_Rd.6_400 (1)

Estonia’s all about speed. And jumps. Big speed. Big jumps and, apparently, very big bugs. This week’s SPIN, The Rally Pod runs the rule over all three.

In a surprising turn, the team pauses briefly from discussing the big news ahead of this week’s Rally Estonia and New England Rally to consider the identity of the winged monster that attacked the team in Tartu last season.

Have a look below and answers on a postcard if you can identify this particular beastie.


Back on the stages, there’s the usual healthy debate about who’s going to do what on both sides of the Atlantic this week, while George Donaldson provides enormously welcome news by way of a slightly wet and potentially chilly summer forecast for Estonia. Welcome news, that is, for Kalle Rovanperä running first on the road and David Evans packing his jumpers.

So sit back, relax and spend the next 55 minutes immersing yourself in everything that this week has to offer. And don’t forget to name that bug…