McKlein gallery: The greatest in-car shots

Inside the cockpit with the WRC greats - in pictures

Colin McRae McKlein in-car

In our new partnership with legendary photographic agency McKlein, we’ll be bringing you regular unique galleries handpicked from the firm’s archives – and the stories behind the images.

We’ll get started with an incredible chance to get inside the car with the World Rally Championship’s finest.

“WRC in-car images are a genre of stills photography consigned to history now. There is simply no time on-event to set up and create these images, while modern cramped cockpits, wraparound seats and safety equipment limit what you would see today. Besides, the HD quality and full accessibility of in-car video footage, from every WRC car, on every stage, is all online.

But it wasn’t always like that. McKlein pioneered capturing in-car stills, using standard 35mm SLR cameras, mounted on roll cages. Here’s a walk back in time to some of our favourites.”

– Colin McMaster