Podcast: An in-depth look at EA SPORTS WRC

Luke Barry gets the lowdown on Codemasters' latest rally game on this week's podcast


It’s the game everybody is talking about, so we’ve decided to talk about it!

EA SPORTS WRC was released to the world last week, but DirtFish was fortunate enough to be invited down to Codemasters’ headquarters a couple of weeks earlier to get our hands on the game and to talk to some key members behind making it.

Allow us to introduce you to Ross Gowing, senior creative director, and Jon Armstrong, game designer, as they join Luke Barry on this week’s episode of SPIN, The Rally Pod.

Over the course of the next hour we cover what’s new for EA SPORTS WRC, what it means to the Codemasters team to finally have the official WRC license and the thought process behind all the game’s various features.