Video: The car that tempted Burns away from Subaru

On a day to commemorate Richard Burns, experience the sights and sounds of the Peugeot 206 that tempted the champion away

It takes a lot to tempt a newly crowned world champion into leaving the team where they’ve just bagged their title success.

Yet precisely this happened with Richard Burns. And the Peugeot 206 WRC was the car that did a lot of tempting. Burns, after winning 2001’s World Rally Championship with Subaru, went to court to escape his contract in order to drive this car.

Today, 20 years to the day since he clinched his world title and 16 years to the day since his sad passing due to cancer, we have taken Burns’ 206 out to put it through its paces, testing it in Catalunya 2002 specification for our latest video above.

Experience the visceral sights and sounds as the Peugeot dodges the scenery in sodden conditions. And if you enjoy it, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel?

Words:DirtFish Media